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Events from VNA ACI Plug-in may not be created correctly in Spectrum


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CA Virtual Network Assurance CA Spectrum


Spectrum alarms and events generated by the ACI plugin for Virtual Network Assurance may be created and cleared at the same time or may be created with the incorrect severity. 

Also, the following error may be seen in the VNA gateway.log:

2021-07-29 07:00:24,759 WARN  (Camel (ACI Plugin-21.2.1-RELEASE) thread #28 - vm://global/plugin/aci/NOTIFICATION)  [ACI_PLUGIN] PerformanceUtil 40  Incorrect timestamp value 2021-07-29T07:00:21.703 , expected format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX


Cisco APIC has an option to include or not include the timezone offset for events. The option is "Offset State" and can be enabled or disabled. VNA version 21.2 expects a timestamp with the timezone offset included (OffSet State=enabled). If the timezone offset is not included, it causes problems for VNA and the associated events and alarms that are generated in Spectrum.


Virtual Network Assurance 21.2
Spectrum 21.x

Cisco ACI APIC Controller Version: 3.2 (7f)


You can set the Offset State to Enabled in CISCO APIC.

Alternatively, a patch can be provided by the engineering team to allow for the lack of timezone offset in the timestamps from APIC. The defect is DE510398. Please create an issue with Broadcom Support and ask for a fix for this defect.

A permanent fix is expected to be included in the 21.2.4 release of VNA.

Additional Information

Look for "Offset State" in the following link:

APIC - Configuring the Datetime Format Using the GUI