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HTTP Status 404 error from Mediation Manager web UI post upgrade


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DX NetOps CA Mediation Manager


After upgrade to 21.2.1. Unable to connect to CAMM. Get HTTP Status 404 – Not Found.

Reviewing the upgrade logs the following errors are observed.

Custom Action:            com.zerog.ia.customcode.util.fileutils.ExtractToFile
                          Status: ERROR
                          Additional Notes: ERROR - Unexpected Fatal Error in Class: com.zerog.ia.customcode.util.fileutils.ExtractToFile.install()

We can also see the /opt/CA/CAMM/WEBCAMM/conf/server.xml file is zero bytes post upgrade.

We found a tomcat service process that has been running since before the upgrade ran. The upgrade should restart that process. This is seen with "ps -ef | grep tomcat" and noting the start date/time is before the upgrade.


Hung or zombie state tomcat service fails to shut down during upgrade causing upgrade to fail.


All supported DX NetOps Mediation Manager releases


Use the "kill -9 <PID>" command to kill the hung tomcat service.

Run the Mediation Manager Upgrade again.