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Extended field definition storage in ITAM MDB database


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management


What tables can be accessed to view the definition of a given extended field for a given Asset Family.


Release : 17.3

Component :  IT Asset Manager/Asset Portfolio Manager


Consider an extended field definition that applies for the Asset Family "Computer".  

The following SQL queries can be executed to view internal backend database information about the given extended fields:

Select * from arg_extension_rule_def where ext_table_name = 'ucapme_computer'

Select * from arg_field_def where table_name = 'ucapme_computer'

Select * from arg_class_def where table_name = 'ucapme_computer' 
Select * from arg_class_def where class_name = 'ucapme_computer'

Select * from arg_attribute_def where table_name = 'ucapme_computer' 
Select * from arg_attribute_def where class_name = 'ucapme_computer' 
Select * from arg_attribute_def where attribute_type = 'ucapme_computer'

Select * from al_link_class_security WHERE class_name= 'ucapme_computer'

Select * from  arg_index_member where table_name='ucapme_computer'

Select * from  arg_index_def where  table_name='ucapme_computer'

Select * from  arg_join_member where left_side_table='ucapme_computer'

Select * from  arg_table_def WHERE table_name = 'ucapme_computer'

Additional Information

In addition, table ucapme_computer can also be accessed alongside ca_owned_resource and usp_owned_resource tables to view the content of a given asset that belongs to the Asset Family "Computer".  Table al_link_attribute_security is used to define security permissions.

Direct DB manipulation is not advised for any of the Service Management products unless directed by Support.  The above is provided for informational purposes.