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Running CA Service Desk on Linux or Windows considerations


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The question here is if there is any indication or suggestion from Broadcom regarding the operating system to run CA Service Desk, for example, pointing to advantages and disadvantages of one or another.


CA Service Management 17.1 and higher.


Both Windows and Linux are supported. It is impossible to say if one is better or worse because it depends on strategic and corporate choices. For example, some companies have Windows as the default operating system, and on the other hand, some companies have Linux as default. It also depends if internal teams have more knowledge in Windows or Linux.

The best choice is that one where administrators feel comfortable to use and administer.

The majority of the customers use Windows to run CA Service Desk. Even though there are no specific advantages or disadvantages between them, there is more documentation regarding Windows because more customers are running CA Service Desk on Windows.

If there are questions regarding this direction, Broadcom Support recommends building a test environment both in Windows and Linux.

It will help in the decisionimaking process regarding which one is more comfortable for specific companies.