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View - Getting RMODBI08 message when accessing View


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When going into a new View database using command TSO %SAR12 SYS7.SARTCF0, we are getting the error "RMODBI08  Missing high-level index name of database".  What is this and what is causing it? 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The RMODBI08 message is generated when the SARINIT parameters for the database has EXPRESS=   , and any users in question show to have a mode of EXP or EXPO.

It was noticed where the client had a setting of SARINIT DEFMODE=NNYNNN for the database. 

If there are settings of DEFMODE=xYxxxx or DEFMODE=xxYxxx, the other SARINIT parameters are then reviewed, to see what is in the EXPRESS=... parameter, for any reference to a Deliver database.

If there is to be no Deliver database involved, it is suggested to run SARINIT with DEFMODE=YNNNNN, so that Deliver will not be considered. 

Also, whoever is the MASTER of the database, they will need to use the "DEF USER" function, and change each user who currently has EXP or EXPO mode defined, to use ALL mode instead. 

The above can be carried on if the View database(s) in question was created from other databases where Deliver was involved.