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What are Min and Max transferred data in the report "Transferred Data trend by Gateway"?


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Client Management Suite


What are the Min and Max Transferred data in the report "Transferred Data trend by Gateway" found in Reports > Notification Server Management > Cloud-enabled Management > Gateway?


Release: 8.x


Min and Max are gathered by the following query in the report 'Transferred Data Trend by Gateway':

SELECT, tmp.EndDate AS [Date],
        MAX(evt.[Sent Bytes] + evt.[Received Bytes]) AS [Max Transferred Data],
        MIN(evt.[Sent Bytes] + evt.[Received Bytes]) AS [Min Transferred Data]
  FROM  [dbo].[Evt_AeX_AC_CEM_Gateway] evt 
  JOIN  #tmp_Period tmp ON evt._eventTime BETWEEN tmp.StartDate AND tmp.EndDate
  WHERE @Gateway = '%'
  OR    @Gateway = evt.Gateway 
  GROUP BY, tmp.EndDate

So actually the Max and Min are sum amounts of the transferred data in the period you choose on the report. 

To make it more clear, you can check the table: [dbo].[Evt_AeX_AC_CEM_Gateway] evt:

select * FROM  [dbo].[Evt_AeX_AC_CEM_Gateway] evt

Sent Bytes and Received Bytes to the Gateway are shown for different times there. Max would be the sum of the maximum sent byte and received byte row, and Min will be the sum of the minimums. 

So basically you can't use this report to check all transferred data on your gateway and it just shows you a trend of maximum and minimum transferred data. 

To check the transferred data for each gateway by date, you can create a report using the following query:

select * FROM  [dbo].[Evt_AeX_AC_CEM_Gateway] evt