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We would like to know the possible causes of a XOG-3669 error.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are using an on-premise version of Clarity (version 01 19). We are experiencing a XOG error with one of our custom processes, and would like to know the possible cause(s) of such an error (indicated below in yellow). We are hoping that knowing this will aid us in troubleshooting the error. Thanks.

XOG-3669: Investment Object operation failed while processing Investment Associations: insert


ERROR 2021-09-14 15:23:50,317 [http-nio-8080-exec-10197] niku.xql2 (clarity:[email protected]:19657790__B1FDCB8A-D866-4D67-8C59-AB247CBEE1AD:projmgr.projectProperties) Internal Processing exception
com.niku.xql2.XQLVisitorNoObjectException: No Current XQL Object


Release : 15.7.1



In order to get to the actual root cause of this error we had to capture actual XML input file which is getting executed at the run time. Once we had the XML input file which is creating a project and also associating it to the parent we attempted to execute it via XOG client and got the same error mentioned in the problem description.

We then removed a tag for Investment Association from XML file and ran via XOG client again and we got to see the real problem which one of the custom required attributes was missing a value so project was not getting created in the first place so that is why Investment Association was not able to be created so in short that Investment Association error was a victim of the fact that project itself could not get created for the reason mentioned earlier. Once required attribute value was populated project was created successfully and process was successful.