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SV: Error when connecting to Enterprise Dashboard from VS Catalog -


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Service Virtualization


Upgrading from DevTest 10.5.0 to 10.6.0.

Verifying OOTB with Derby.

Configured for https and ssl. 

IAM, Enterprise Dashboard and VS Catalog all running on same machine.  Using same keystore as with 10.5.0.  IAM and ED run fine.  When VS catalog is brought up, after login trying to connect to Enterprise Dashboard when getting error: Not Connected

In the vs catalog log file shows this error:

2021-09-17 09:03:14.868 DEBUG 10768 --- [XNIO-2 task-25] .s.b.s.c.i.DefaultUserConnectionsService : Fetching all registries threw exception: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target





Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Virtual Service Catalog


Open a new support case and refer to defect DE515062

Additional Information

Steps to apply:

1. Stop VS Catalog Service.
2. Delete the existing file bespin-service-1.7.2.jar from VSC_HOME\lib folder.
3. Place the new bespin-service-1.7.2.jar file in VSC_HOME\lib folder.
4. Start VS Catalog Service
5. Retest.