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CAPC Device Status Up vs Not Reachable


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CAPC version 20.2.10

I'd like to know why the device status on the Data Collectors page shows "Up" for some devices but snmp is not working and when you look at the Device Context page it shows "Not Reachable".

There has never been a good consistent way in CAPC to find ALL devices with snmp failing.  Some will show Mgmt Lost, some will show Down, some will show up in the Stopped Polls by Device dashboard view.  But others like the one in the screenshots show a completely misleading "Up" status and don't show in Stopped Polls by Device.

devices status explanation



Release : 20.2

Component :


DA status on DC and monitored devices is the Contact Status.
DOWN = icmp/snmp don't work
MGMT LOST = icmp up, snmp down
UP = icmp/snmp up.

On the device contest page. 
Active is PURELY the Lifecycle state (active/maint/retired).

There is a time range on the page like all dashboards/context pages. We grab reachability data for the time range. Then look at the last data point of the data returned and if no data, Unknown, if 100% UP, if < 100% Not Reachable. Also if the dashboard/context page is using hourly/daily rolled up data points and there is one data point in the timeframe that is <100% we will show unreachable.