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Errors cobol_handle_inheritance | Value > generated by uxjobend processes


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After having installed a new Dollar Universe 6 node to replace an old version 5 node, where Uprocs are submitted via a remote node using a logical queue, the Jobs Complete successfully but the following Error appear in the universe.log after each execution:

|ERROR|X|END|pid=p.t| cobol_handle_inheritance | Value <

What is the reason of the error and how to fix them?


Wrong definition of Management Unit in the node generating the errors.


Release : 6.x



The reason of the error could only be seen when increasing the Main Log Level of the impacted Node to level 3 as below:

Then launch one of the impacted jobs from the Node A ad check the universe.log filtering  by the pid of the uxjobend process that generates the error.

Excerpt below where we can see that uxjobend tris to retrieve the Node where the Management Unit of the Job points to (I_PT70_00Z) :

|INFO |X|END|pid=p.t| o_io_cache_get            | Entry (10/I_PT70_00Z) not found: using provider
|INFO |X|END|pid=p.t| u_send_msg                | calling send on socket 3 (88 bytes)
|INFO |X|END|pid=p.t| u_send_msg                | send on socket 3 returns 88 bytes written
|INFO |X|END|pid=p.t| u_com_crypt_receive       | read msg [$...]
|ERROR|X|END|pid=p.t| cobol_handle_inheritance  | Value <

When comparing the Management Unit definition in the source node where the Job is submitted (where the logical queue is defined) and the execution node where the Job is executed ( node of the physical queue), we could see that the Management Unit definition was not consistent:

In node A the MU I_PT70_00Z pointed to the local node, in node B the MU I_PT70_00Z pointed to a different node (neither node A or node B, but to an old version 5 node).

To fix the issue, deploy the Management Unit from Node A to Node B to keep the coherence or update it via UVC or via the command line with a command such as:

$UNI_DIR_EXEC/uxupd mu mu=I_PT70_00Z tnode=NAME_OF_NODE_B

Once done, the errors will disappear.