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Jobs remain in Event Wait after having deleted a previous Job Event


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After upgrading some Dollar Universe nodes from 6.3.41 to 6.9.61, several sessions are blocked in Event Wait status where the Uproc Header launches a command "uxdlt evt" to purge the previous Trailer Job Event of the same Session with a command similar to:

$UNI_DIR_EXE/uxdlt evt mu=$S_CODUG ses=* upr=F_${SESSION_NAME} user=*

When checking the Job Events, we can see that the awaited Job Event was NOT replicated to the other remote node, but it's only present in the node where it executed.

If we look at the u_fmev60.dta file, the XA line that corresponds to the awaited Job Event is NOT present in the Node that should have sent the Awaited Job Event, which explains why the other Node never receives the Job Event.

If we cancel the Job in Event Wait Status and then relaunch it, this time the Job Event is correctly retrieved in the other Node and the Job is launched instead of remaining in Event Wait Status.


Example of the reproduction procedure:

  1. Launch expected job on node1 (pdate=yesterday), event created (pdate=yesterday).
  2. Launch waiting job on node2 (pdate=today), goes in Event Wait, XA line created on node1 u_fmev60.dta 
  3. Delete the event on node1 (pdate=yesterday) -> the XA line is deleted on node1 u_fmev60.dta file ---WRONG!
  4. Launch expected job on node1 (pdate=today), event created (pdate=today), waiting job stays in Event Wait on node2, despite the expected event being there.


Issue introduced in 6.4.01 with a correction for the deletion of job events that would not remove some XA lines from u_fmev60.dta in case of HDP(TIH) that caused as side-effect that it would remove some additional XA lines that should not be removed.


Release : 6.4.01 and superior




Comment the "uxdlt evt" commands in the U_ANTE_UPROC or Uproc script as it's not necessary in version 6 to manually delete Job Events ( the memorization settings of the Uproc will automatically do it).


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.91 - Scheduled 19th November 2021