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No active nodes found. Limit specified for max request will be applied to each node instead.


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Error message seen for rate limit assertion:


11000 Policy processing caught an exception: Unexpected error while accessing provider. No active nodes found. Limit specified for max request will be applied to each node instead.




As per document,

"If you have a cluster of Gateways, the limits entered in this assertion are divided among the number of "up" nodes in the cluster. A node is considered “up” if it has posted its status within the past 8 seconds (configurable via the ratelimit.clusterStatusInterval cluster property)."


By default the cluster info provider is 'ssgdb', this can be found in /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/ file,



Then the status timestamp of nodes can be queried on ssg database,

select name, FROM_UNIXTIME(statustimestamp/1000) statustime from cluster_info;


And compare to current time,

select now();


If the time difference is greater than 8 seconds, the nodes are considered as non-active nodes, for example,

If no active node found, it will cause the error message.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Increase the value of cluster-wide property ratelimit.clusterStatusInterval as per the time difference, for the above sample, double the value to 16000.


Besides, the gateway nodes by default should update its node status every 4 seconds, the update latency could be due to slow mysql. So, if it's confirmed that the mysql is in poor performance, another solution is to fix the mysql performance issue.

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