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Mediation Manager 21.2.2+ unable to use the IMDataCollector's java due to version mismatch


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration CA Mediation Manager DX NetOps


With the 21.2.2 version of DX Performance Management, support of Java 11 has been introduced, but the Mediation Manager installer will not allow installation with java above java 1.8.  I thought it had been considered best practice to install Mediation Manager using the same jre as is in use on a system by DX Netops Performance Management ( /opt/IMDataCollector/jre and /opt/CA/jre ).

After upgrading the Data Collector / NetOps Portal, the following error can be seen while starting or stopping the Mediation Manager services:

WARNING: com.torokina.tim.config.TimConfigException: Missing resource : /com/torokina/tim/config/TimConstConfig.xml


While it is a good practice to use, it is also one of convenience.  Ultimately, Mediation Manager does not come with Java so to install it you need to provide a Java release that is supported to use.  More often than not, it is perfectly fine to use the one that is already laid down by the other Performance Management components, this is not always the case.  In this situation, Mediation Manager does not support the newly released Java 11 that comes with Performance Management 21.2.2+.


Release: 21.2.2

Component: MEDMGR


To install or upgrade Mediation Manager, you will need to provide a Java release that is supported ( 1.8 ) and call that Java when starting the installation of Mediation Manager.  Later on down the road, if wanted, you can alter the camm.env to direct back to the Performance Management provided Java release once Java 11 is supported by Mediation Manager.