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ADDRESS WTO message is not defaulting to route code 2


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


A rule triggered in Production at 11:14 and the WTO message was not delivered to the expected console.  The associated ADDRESS WTO statement does not have the ROUTE keyword coded, so it was expected to default to route code 2 as set in the WTODEFAULTROUTE region parameter.


The CNNAME keyword was coded on the ADDRESS WTO statement, indicating that the WTO was to be sent to a specific console.


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


The documentation pertaining to the WTODEFAULTROUTE OPS/MVS region parameter states the following:

"This parameter specifies the single z/OS route code to add to any WTO issued by OPSWTO or ADDRESS WTO when no route codes are specified, no console is specified, and the MCSFLAG is not set to HRDCPY only. This parameter supersedes any z/OS default route code and reduces the number of undeliverable messages."


The WTO shown below will not default to the route code defined in the WTODEFAULTROUTE region parameter, even though the ROUTE keyword is not coded, because the CNNAME keyword points to a specific console:

ADDRESS WTO "MSGID(MYID0200) TEXT('Hard copy only message text') CNNAME(localmstr)"

Do not code the ROUTE or CNNAME keywords in the ADDRESS WTO statement or set the MCSFLAG to HRDCPY if the route code value defined in the WTODEFAULTROUTE parameter should be used. 

Additional Information

Description of the ADDRESS WTO statement:

Description of the WTODEFAULTROUTE region parameter: