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Where do I find information and resolutions on CIS Benchmark checks in the CCS standards?


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Product: Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

I would like to know where to see what the different CIS Checks are doing, and possible steps on how to remediate any issues that are found.


Release : 12.5.x

Component : CIS Benchmark predefined standards released by Broadcom.


Broadcom creates predefined standards based on the requirements setup for various platforms by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) which can be found at

All of the CCS standards that have 'CIS Benchmark' in the standard name have be certified by the Center for Internet Security to properly reflect their requirements and recommendations.

In the CCS console, you can go into the individual checks and go into the 'Description' tab to get more information, or the 'Remediation' tab to get remediation information (if one is available from CIS).  Note that we just use the information from CIS for our predefined standards, and any remediation information is as per their requirements and recommendations.

If you require additional information, you can download the CIS Benchmarks pdf(s) directly from their site above (you may have to create an account to have access to the CIS Benchmark pdfs).