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Spectrum Set Application Model Attribute on Global Collection


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CA Spectrum


I am looking to see if we can set an Application Model Attribute directly on a Global collection. Currently we are only able to find the attribute under Application model and set it on the device.

However I want to set that directly on a global collection, this way we do not have to select all the devices shown under Application model list and set it only on the devices in the Global collection.

"DMon_SendAlarmsTo" attribute to device only.


Default Application Models search will give all the Application Models of the entire landscapes instead of a particular group / global collection / topology



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


To enable  "DMon_SendAlarmsTo" attribute to device only.

Click on  Global Collection and in contents panel click list tab

Copy the device model names

Click on Locator tab

Expand Application Models

Double Click on By Device Name

Click on List button

Paste the copied device names from Global Collection

click on OK 

Now All the application models for the devices will be displayed

In Filter type rfc2790 App model

select all rfc2790 models

under Tools Menu -> Utilities -> Attribute Editor

filter for DMon_SendAlarmsTo attribute

Change the value to device only.

Click on Ok

Now for all the devices under the global collection will change to Device Only.