Unable to save changes under 'Package file deleted from the client if unused for' for image packages


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The customer reported that after upgrading to ITMS 8.6 GA release (Also known as RTM release), he can't change when an image package under Image Management can be deleted. By default it is set to "1 week" but he needs to change to "Never Delete"


  • Changing the 'Package file deleted from the client if unused for' doesn't work for Image files
  • The customer can't change the ‘Package files will be deleted from the client computer if unused for’.
  • After Saving and checking it again (refreshing it), again it shows the previous entry.
  • Problem is just with image file in  settings> Deployment >Image management

What was done so far:
• Tried with a different admin account and different browsers.
• No errors that we could relate in the NS logs that could tell us if it was failing saving the change.
• Issue is just with image packages! Tried with patch packages and it was working fine. 


Unknown. Possible issue with the web browser and how the request is handled.

Dev decided to remove this option from the page:
Control disabled for Deployment Solution Package Server images since it is irrelevant for external packages.

It appeared that when save is pressed on the page. The specified setting is ignored for external packages. This is correct behavior since the setting does not make any sense in this case, just during implementation it was forgotten to disable this control (package location and source controls are).


ITMS 8.6


This drop-down option for ‘Package files will be deleted from the client computer if unused for’ is going to be removed in ITMS 8.6 RU2.

There is a workaround to manually change the selected frequency directly on the database:

  1. Grab the GUID of the desired image package 

  2. Using the GUID for the Image package that you want to change the frequency, add it into the following query:

    --This query updates the table where we store the interval. This query changes the interval of "10080" (1 week) to "-1" (Never Delete). 

    update RM_ResourcePackage

    set state = replace (cast (state as nvarchar (max)), '<deleteAfterInterval>10080</deleteAfterInterval>', '<deleteAfterInterval>-1</deleteAfterInterval>')
    where GUID = 'AddGUIDhere'

  3. Refresh the page and it should show now the new interval of "Never Delete"