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"Binary file cannot be executed" installing Gen UNIX Implementation Toolset


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While attempting the installation of the CA Gen 8.6 IT on a HP-UX server, after starting the setup script using the root account receiving the below error:

Binary file cannot be executed
Reason: The platform does not match or some necessary libraries are missing.
Action: Please check that correct system libraries are used (libc).
Please check also that files can be executed in the following folder:


Release: 8.6

Component: CA Gen 


Support requested customer to run the setup command with extra "-x" option i.e.
./setup -I instance_name -x
or running the HP-UX (IA64) script directly:
./ -I instance_name -x
Note: The -x should extract the install components to the /opt/CA/SharedComponents/tmp directory but if it fails it may indicate the root cause of the problem (the directory that will contain the extracted files will be echoed to the command line e.g. "extracted to /opt/CA/SharedComponents/tmp/extract11424")

Output from the above command showed:
rt0: RROR couldn't open usr/lib/dld.slerrno:000000002Error: Product extraction failed.
Please check the following possible reasons:

1. There might be insufficient disk space in the temporary directory of the system.
   If this is the case, put the variable TMPDIR on a directory that contains as much
   free disk space as the size of the product you are installing.
2. The self installing product might be corrupt.
    This can happen if the file is not transferred in binary mode.
   In this case replace your self installing file.

In this scenario, files had earlier been transferred using FTP software but using incorrect default transfer settings i.e. ascii. After retransferring three files (, ca-sm-installer, [email protected]) to the ia64 subdirectory in binary mode, the setup and IT install was successful.

Additional Information

To check for any existing IT installs this command can be used:
lsm -l | grep CAGen