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SQL login error when encrypted password read from external file


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When using the encrypted password (encrypted by the same Javelin) property being read from an external XML file and used in SQL activity it gives below error. 


2021-08-27 07:57:06 - Executing Step: SQL Server Bulk Copy

2021-08-27 07:57:06 - Error executing SQL Server Bulk Copy: Login failed for user 'xxxxx'.

2021-08-27 07:57:06 - Login failed for user 'xxxxx'.


When the encrypted password is replaced by a plain text password in the XML file, the flow works fine.


Since the password is read during the flow execution from the xml file, it is required to ensure the property  EnableGlobalDecrypt is set to False so that password decryption happens at the activity level.

By default this config property is set to True during the installation and decrypts all passwords before starting flow execution.


Release : 4.9

Component : Javelin



Close the Javelin instances and set EnableGlobalDecrypt  property to False in Javelin.exe.config and JavelinExecutor.exe.config inside Javelin installation folder( defaulted to C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\Javelin).

Restart Javelin test.

Note: If the flow contains a lot of activities where this password is being used, then setting EnableGlobalDecrypt property to False will have some impact on the execution speed as it will now have to Decrypt the password every time it encounters password field for each activity.