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Policies in DX Platform to notify on alarms are not working


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In a tenant, new policies can be created to notify on alarms when the alarm message contains or not a certain string.  However, the filters were not always working.

For example, a customer wanted to have an email sent for any critical APM alarm in DX-OI that does not contain the word "summary" anywhere in the alarm message.

The policy created used these filters :

  • Alarm Type: Service (not equals), Application
  • Severity: Critical
  • Message: summary (does not contain)
  • Product: Application Performance Management

However, emails with this subject were received:

The alert Summary_Bus_servlet has breached the CRITICAL threshold



The search used in the policy filters are case-sensitive and some rules apply.



Release : SAAS and OnPrem



When adding filters to policies in DX SaaS to manage alerts and notifications, it is required to consider that Message is case-sensitive.

The list of rules in search are summarized in this table:


Additional Information

For SaaS


For OnPrem