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VM HIDRO multiple backups concurrently


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VM:Backup for z/VM VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


I know that there is a way for VMBACKUP to run multiple (up to 4) backups concurrently. I would like to know if VM:HIDRO has the same capability. I have read about DUPLICATE but this is ran after a HIDRO backup is complete. Is there a parameter in the backup script that will tell HIDRO to make 2 or more copies concurrently? If it can, will it generate 2 or more RESTFILES for each backup?


Release : 2.7

Component : CA VM:Backup HiDRO


HiDRO has no facility for creating multiple/concurrent copies of backup jobs. 

DUPLICATE is the only documented way to create backup job copies … after the fact.

Additional Information

You can find additional information for the DUPlicate command in the following manual -