Alert with % in name can't be displayed in SaaS UI or be disabled. - Internal server error


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS DX APM SaaS


If an alert is defined with a % in it's name, it is not possible to enable/disable from Settings>Alerts panel, or to click alert name in that panel to modify alert fields.  Using workstation the alert can be edited and/or disabled.  There are three alerts in the default SaaS management module that can't be disabled for this reason, e.g.:

Alert Name            All Individual SGA Shared Pool Lib Cache Hit Ratio (%)
Alert Description    Alert is triggered if ratio is below the expected range of the high 90 percentile in an OLTP environment.


If an attempt to open the alert is made the following error is displayed


This is a regression introduced in 21.6 APM SaaS release


Release : SAAS

Component :


Will be resolved in next release (21.9/21.10)