SYSNAME & SYSID need to be changed after cloning OS & XCOM software
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SYSNAME & SYSID need to be changed after cloning OS & XCOM software


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The SYSNAME of an XCOM instance is not correct. The OS and XCOM software have been cloned and the SYSNAME is from the source OS. 
Can the SYSNAME and SYSID parameter values be changed without reinstalling XCOM? If yes, how?
XCOM 11.6 SP01 on AIX 7.2.


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for AIX


1. The SYSNAME & SYSID parameter values are stored in the file xcom.glb (directory $XCOM_HOME/config) and they can be modified there.
This documentation page for Manage Global Parameters under Using CA XCOM Data Transport GUI has further details.
The GUI interface does not have to be used to change the values and instead the file xcom.glb file can be edited directly i.e. using vi or another editor. The Global Parameters section mentions that and also has a link to the List of Parameters

2. Per the Note on the "Manage Global Parameters" page, "For any changes made on this page to take effect, restart the XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler Service."
The xcomd parameters are documented under The xcomd Command and using "xcomd -s" is the recommended method to stop the xcomd.

The above advice applies to XCOM running on Windows, Linux, and all UNIX platforms.