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Why are SO12962 & SO12165 not included in the Datacom/AD S2101 Pax?


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Datacom Datacom/AD


AAX60RCH downloads the hold data, receives it and runs a SYSMOD exception report. The SYSMOD exception report shows that there are error holds that are resolved by PTFs SO12165 and SO12692. These PTFs were published in mid-2020 so I would have expected them to have been included in the S2101 distribution. (although SO12165 is superseded by a PTF that was downloaded and received) . I thought that S2101 included al the pre-2101 maintenance?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/AD


Due to technical complications, these two PTFs could not be consolidated into the new Datacom/AD S2101 Pax. The missing PTFs are being placed as HIPERS and customers are required to pick these solutions up right after the install product process. The README has also been updated to reflect this change.

SO13040 supersedes SO12165. So download SO13040 here.
Download SO12962 here

Additional Information

If you would like to download all solutions past the S2101 service pack installation, please look at Article 206178. Modify step #7 to select CA Datacom/AD. 
If your site does not run server, you can filter these solutions by typing "CAYTF". Recommended approach would be to follow article 206178 up until step #11, then filter and deselect all server PTFs, add all to cart and continue with the Article