ghost executable will not run when building a standalone boot disk


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost does not run after building a boot disk with bootdisk creator that is part of Ghost Solution Suite Console


When using bootdisk creator from console and building a standalone configuration ghost executable is not part of the configuration and must be added to the configuration


Release : Ghost Solution Suite 3.x



After a configuring has been compiled perform the following steps

  • Right click on the configuration name in left panel and select Add > File
  • navigate to <install drv>:\program files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Ghost and the appropriate ghost executable. ( ghost64.exe for winpe x64 and ghost32.exe for winpe x86 environments)
  • From the left panel go to startup.bat file and edit the file and add x:\ghost64.exe or x:\ghost32.exe ( depends on the winpe architecture  here )
  • Save the configuration
  • Then right click on the Configuration name and go to  create boot disk
  • Once  compilation is done insert bootdisk into computer system and boot from the device and ghost will execute

Note: If using Symantec Standard ghost tools ghost executable will be part of the configuration if <all> or GSS is selected from the OEM Extension drop down menu in step 1 of 5 when bootwiz.exe is ran