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CAS9PSLS Subtask Abend U4094 X'8C'


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Our CCITCPGW task took a U4094 abend and created an SVCDUMP  




Problem was due to an LE abend during shutdown.  The U4094 was issued to prevent a hang in LE resource shutdown possibly caused by a S422 abend in LE. 


Release : 15.0

Component : CAICCI-MVS


  The dump provided shows a U4094 RSN x'8C' abend. This abend is generated by IBM's Language Environment runtime. 

Explanation:  An abend was issued during termination, when errors were 

X'8C' (140)                                                                   
          The application was waiting on a Language Environment latch that    
          appeared to be locked after all other threads had ended. This wait  
          would hang indefinitely, so it was converted to an abend to avoid   
          the hang. In most situations, the thread that originally held the   
          latch ended abruptly with a 422 abend, and the latch was not cleaned
          up. This abend can be ignored since one or more other threads in    
          the application has already ended with a 422 abend. The address of  
          the latch is loaded into register 3 before the abend is issued.  


Basically, during termination an abend was used to cleanup a resource. 

As per IBM documentation, this does not really represent a problem and can be ignored.

Additional Information

Review the IBM Documentation describing the LE abend U4094 reason code X'8C' (140)