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Webtomcat: After upgrade to DX NetOps Spectrum 21.2, unable to access webtomcat on SSL port


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CA Spectrum


After upgrade from Spectrum 10.4.2 to DX NetOps 21.2, WebApp will not start on one OC server. We are connecting on SSL port 444



$customArgs parameter is missing from WebTomcat Main Arguments.


In versions previous to 21.2 (10.4.3 and lower) and configuring tomcat and webtomcat for SSL connection, there was a requirement to add Main Arguments to call back to tomcat on SSL port within the https://<OC_address>:<port>/spectrum webtomcat admin page:  

However this is no longer required on 21.2, as webtomcat will read Main Arguments parameters from webswing.config file. 

As such, if SSL was configured on a version previous to 21.2, then the parameter "${customArgs}" may have been removed, if following the documentation as noted by the screenshot above. 

Since $customArgs is missing, Main Tomcat is not passing the required parameters (port, hosts, ssl, etc) to the webswing.config file for use in Webtomcat.

This also presents an issue for the JSESSIONID token which gets saved in the browser on initial OneClick Administration page login. A missing $customArgs parameter means the JSESSIONID will not get saved for webtomcat, and forces a second User Login prompt for webtomcat


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


To solve this, configure webtomcat Main Arguments parameters to only show the following: 

-compress 9 ${customArgs}

1. Navigate to webtomcat admin page at https://<OC_IP_Address>:<SSL_Port>/spectrum

2. credentials are spectrum | spectrum

3. Click "Manage"

4. Select OneClick WebApp config, and scroll to 'Main Arguments" parameters, and verify the parameters are correct as noted in the below screenshot: 

5. Be sure to select "Apply" to save the changes

6. Restart Webtomcat: 



Additional Information

A missing "${customArgs}" from the Main Arguments can show two different types of access issues: 

1. Webtomcat will not launch at all - and checking <SPECROOT>/webtomcat/bin/logs/webswing.log will show a NullPointer Exception: 

2021-08-23 12:53:28,783 INFO  [https-openssl-nio-444-exec-10] ( Websocket closed to app, instance [oneclickwebapp_anonym_c284739361a6_1629748404575], close code [1000], reason [null]!
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at


2. The JSESSIONID does not get saved, and forces a second login prompt to access webtomcat

Check webswing.log for JSESSIONID. If it is missing, then see resolution on this KB. 


By placing $customArgs parameter into Main Arguments for webtomcat administration will solve both of these issues