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GSI service continuously crashing in Windows


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In Windows Events, the GSI process crashes unexpectedly with the following kind of Message: 

Dysfonctionnement du GSI. Merci de relancer/demarrer le service windows Univer$e XXXXXXX_GSI_X.




Unknown, GSI engine is not used at all since version 6.4.x, no error messages in the universe.log or gsi.log or Event Viewer about the reason of the crash


Release : 6.4. and higher




GSI is not used anymore and can be safely disabled.

1) Stop engine:

From Administration mode, right click on the node and go to Server Engine list and Stop GSI engine:

2) Disable Engine from startup:

In Administration mode go to Node settings, Startup and shutdown change Value from Yes to No and save the changes.

step 3) Verify/modify the Startup Mode of the GSI service to Manual or Disabled to prevent it from being started again.

Additional Information

GSI is not needed since 6.4.x 

Manager for SAP ( and other ) have all the features in his own code and don't need the external integration servers such as GSI for C-based integrations or JEE for Java based integrations.