PAM-CM-0536: Application error occurred for scheduled jobs


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


A large number of password update jobs is failing with error "PAM-CM-0536: Application error occurred.". For scheduled jobs that are configured to use the same password for all accounts in the job, only the first account is updated. Check-In jobs for single checked-out accounts are not affected.



This was caused by a locking problem in the Hazelcast module that PAM uses for scheduled job submission.


Affects releases prior to 3.4.2.


This problem is fixed in 3.4.2+, including all PAM 4.0 releases. It was resolved internally during product development, had no customer defect attached and therefore is not listed in the Resolved Issues list for 3.4.2.

In a PAM cluster, turning the cluster off and back on should resolve the problem.