Scrolling does not move headers in MUX Grid views
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Scrolling does not move headers in MUX Grid views


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


  • When scrolling left to right inside the view the headers do not move which is causing confusion 
  • The actual data is moving but not the headers and wrong data to be placed in the wrong columns
  • This can happen on Project, Idea, Cost plan, Benefit plan etc.
  • All the Grid / List views can be having this issue in Modern UX 


Release : Any

Component : 


  • The MUX view has too many pinned columns:
    • This may have been a misconfiguration
    • The columns might have been used and pinned in a prior view and may still have the 'pinned' configuration when you add them into your current view
  • Once a column is pinned it will retain this configuration even if removed from the view 
  • When most or all columns are pinned, the headers will no longer scroll correctly
  • To fix this, on each column click Options - Pin Column - No Pin
  • We recommend just limited Pinned columns in each view to ensure a good scrolling experience