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Confirming that auditing is on for ARA/CDA 12.3 application


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CA Continuous Delivery Automation - Automation Engine


This article covers finding evidence that the appropriate level of application audit logging has been configured for the CDA/ARA application for the following events:
- Access to audit trails
- Initialization, stopping, and pausing of the audit logs





Release : 12.3

Component :


In CDA the so called "History records" are automatically written into the database whenever a CDA-object was modified/created and can be seen in the UI (= when, who, old field-value, new field-value) . There is no way to stop these type of logging.

There is also a feature of Revision Report.


Wiith the Automation Engine, audit logging can be enabled, as per our documentation:
This documentation link also covers what gets legged by the Automation Engine.

We can also confirm that turning on / off this audit log is captured in the logs (WPServer) as well in following format

Audit on:
20210901/113234.534 - U00011872 Client table modified.
20210901/113234.534 - U00011869 Client/Mode/TaskPrio/AH_Idnr/TZ/Prio/EH_Kick/Cale_Ahead/VersionMgmnt/XRO/Object_Audit: 0001/GO  /200/0001994002/        /200/0003/0014/Y/N/Y

Audi off:
20210901/113820.627 - U00011872 Client table modified.
20210901/113820.627 - U00011869 Client/Mode/TaskPrio/AH_Idnr/TZ/Prio/EH_Kick/Cale_Ahead/VersionMgmnt/XRO/Object_Audit: 0001/GO  /200/0001994002/        /200/0003/0014/Y/N/N