User is unable to create a User Story with an attachment attachments


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


After migrating Workspace projects to another project, user is unable to create a User Story with an attachment.  User IS able to create a User Story successfully without an attachment.  


We have these two workspaces: Workspace A and Workspace B.

We have a project Called Project B in Workspace B.  The user has Editor/Team member access to Project B.

Project B gets copied to Workspace A and is now called Project A but Project B still remains in Workspace B.  The user gets Editor/Team member access to Project A within Workspace A however gets Viewer access to Project B.

When the user tries to attach a document in Project A it gives him an error message saying he doesn’t have access.  If I change his access to Editor in Project B then it all works fine.

This tells me he has something still linked to Project B and we need to update it.


There may be something in the user's dashboard that keeps trying to access or is actually accessing that other Workspace.  This may be causing the workspace "confusion".  Since the Dashboard is the page that the User is taken to by default when he logs in to Rally, I would like to change his default start page.

To troubleshoot this please have the user perform the following steps  

1.  Open the "Menu" and select "Plan" from the dropdown.

2.  Select the Gear Button next to User Stories

3.  Select "Set as Start Page" (See screenshot below)

4.  Logout of Rally

5.  Subscription Administrator -  please turn on the permission for that project in the other workspace 

6.  User - Open an incognito window or clear cache in your current browser and login from the screen.  (to make sure you are not using an old bookmark with the old projects).

7.  Try to create a User Story with an attachment.