processes probe cannot start process automatically


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l configured the process probe to start a process. For example, when the process was stopped, the process probe could not start the process again automatically. Could you share some advice?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - PROCESSES

- processes probe - any version

- Redhat (RHEL) Linux 7


The processes probe start function is working as designed. To start the firefox process on Linux requires a GUI / XWindows to be configured. The process start function can be successfully tested and confirmed using another process that doesn't require a window/display to open.

Tested the processes probe action-start function using a process that doesn't require a GUI and it worked as expected, e.g., rpcbind on Linux (RHEL 7). Used name + command line to monitor the process since there are arguments to the base command.

Killed the process by selecting it in the processes probe then rt-click to kill it, and it automatically restarted.

Note that you must refresh the processes probe Status Tab to see the process return to running after it starts up.

Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: Watcher rpcbind, checking for alarms... 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: ciOpen - cache path: /opt/nimsoft/niscache 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: StartProcess - started /sbin/rpcbind -w (40061) 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: ciClose - [C66AF6F3591AB685067E29AB40F35EA41] 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: Watcher rpcbind, checking for QoS... 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: (QOS_PROCESS_STATE) QoS Create Success 
Sep 10 14:57:41:723 processes: (QOS_PROCESS_STATE) CiOpenLocal Device Success. 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: RREPLY: status=OK(0) <-  h=37 d=28 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: ciClose - [C66AF6F3591AB685067E29AB40F35EA41] 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: sockClose:0x1e8bd80: 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: SREQUEST: _close -> 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: Sent QOS_PROCESS_STATE 0 for rpcbind 
Sep 10 14:57:41:724 processes: (QOS_PROCESS) CiOpenLocal Device Success.

This was also tested using a python2 process.