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Update DCS policy after upgrading the manager


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Data Center Security Server Advanced Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Monitoring Edition


DCS manager was just upgraded and now the policy needs to be updated to use the latest policy pack


Data Center Security Server Advanced: All Versions


Follow the steps below to MERGE the policy changes with the current policy settings:

1. In the Java console, click Policies

2. Under the Policies tab, click Prevention or Detection

3. In the Workspace pane, select a policy, and then right-click Update Policy
4. To select multiple policies, press and hold the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the policies

5. In the Update Policy Wizard dialog box, select the DCS policy that you want to use to update your policy, and then click Next

6. In the Update Policy Wizard dialog box, select the policy merge option

7. In the Update Policy Wizard dialog box, click Finish to save your changes

8. In the Java console, click Refresh

(Optional) Reapply the updated policy to agents and policy groups using the DCS Unified Management Console (UMC)

Additional Information

Best practices and things to note:

Before you update a policy, make a backup copy of the policy that you want to update in case of a disaster

If you select the option to "Take the new options settings" in step 6 above your custom policy settings will be overwritten, merge the changed options will merge your custom configurations with the new policy configurations

You can update multiple policies at once or a single policy. When updating multiple policies, you are prompted to select a currently installed policy pack and choose a merge strategy to apply to all selected policies

The selected pack is searched for a new compiled policy with the same name and OS type as the old compiled policy, if a matching compiled policy is found, the policy is updated and merged

If a matching compiled policy is not found, the policy is not updated or merged and you will not see a results screen that lists which policies were updated