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We recently migrated our IBM VTS7700 to DELL DLM.  We ran the SARPAC job to migrate our SAR tapes. 

After the fact, we discovered we hadn't put the full range of tapes in the SARPAC job. 

We reconnected the VTS to our system and tried to rerun the SARPAC job to retrieve the remaining files/tapes. 

We were unable to migrate certain tapes due to the following messages:

CBR4195I LACS retry possible for job $SLK716X:  657               
IEE763I NAME= CBRLLACS CODE= 140197                               
CBR4000I LACS MOUNT permanent error for drive 012F.               
CBR4174I Cannot obtain ownership volume 905243 in library ATL77401
IEE764I END OF CBR4195I   RELATED MESSAGES                        



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The CBR4174I message being received, which is not a View message, is as follows:

CBR4174I   Cannot obtain ownership volume volser in library library-name.

An error has been detected during library automation communication services (LACS) processing for the MOUNT function. 
The mount request for volume volser is issued to a device in a TS7700 grid configuration. 
The cluster that the command was received on does not have an available path to the cluster that currently owns the volume so it cannot automatically request ownership transfer and ownership takeover is not enabled. 
The library name library-name is the composite library name.

System action:
The LACS request fails with a permanent error return code. 
Messages issued by the caller of LACS are written concurrently with this message.

Operator response:
A cluster will not automatically take over ownership of a logical volume without being directed. 
If appropriate, enable ownership takeover for the volume. 
Search problem reporting databases for a fix for the problem. 
If no fix exists, contact the IBM Support Center.