Recycle of Vantage Host task/server
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Recycle of Vantage Host task/server


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Historically we have recycled/restarted the Vantage z/OS Host Server started task (STC) on a weekly basis and are reviewing whether this is still required or a good practice, plus if there are any pros or cons with recycling the STC weekly, or alternatively, what are the best practices or recommendations for managing the Host Server?


Release : 14.0

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Generally speaking, there is little advantage in recycling Vantage on a frequent basis (such as weekly).  
This product is designed to run continuously, and if there are any problems with this, then whatever problems those are, they should be fixed in the product.  
Now, having said that, there are only a couple of situations where recycling Vantage outside of an IPL might help:
1) There is some kind of 'memory leak' in the product, and the only way to recover the storage is to recycle Vantage.  
This shouldn't happen, and of course if it does, it needs to be fixed so that Vantage can run continuously without problems.

2) The number of messages generated by the STC gets extremely large over a long period of time.  
This could make reviewing or uploading doc for a Vantage problem more cumbersome, but this is not a problem per se.
Note that during the normal course of business, eventually Vantage maintenance is applied, and thus Vantage needs to be recycled, 
or some features or parameters of Vantage are changed and these require Vantage to be recycled, or a system IPL is needed for various non-Vantage reasons.  
These types of events would happen often enough during a 3-6 month period that there would be no special need to recycle Vantage on a regular basis.
The drawbacks to recycling Vantage often would be the extra overhead needed during Vantage startup.