Cannot install policy or edit objects using ProxySG Visual Policy Manager


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


  1. When you install the policy from the Legacy Java based Visual Policy Manager you get "internal error in installing policy":



     2. The policy will install ok when installing policy from the new Web Visual policy manager but when you hover over the object with the mouse you will see "Search". It also won't be possible to create new objects or edit already created objects. 






The issue is caused by duplicate objects with the same name.

You can see in the above that we have two different objects with the same name. 

We do input checking upon object creation so that you can't create an object with the same name but in this case the customer had somehow managed to create duplicate objects.

A bug is open to investigate this further. Bug id is SG-28506.


To resolve this you need to delete the object from any rules it is referenced in and then delete it. You can do this using the web vpm. 

Search for the object name and then click on the delete button.