Discrepancy between NRM_RunningFirmware and CertificationLatestFirmwareVer in DX NetOps Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


NRM_RunningFirmware and CertificationLatestFirmwareVer attributes are reporting different versions for an Rtr_Cisco Device type where:

RM_RunningFirmware             = 5.3.4[Default]
CertificationLatestFirmwareVer = 12.4 (IOS)

Reconfiguring the model, as per KB : CA Spectrum may show an incorrect device firmware version makes no difference, the two values remain as they are. Why is there a discrepancy and where do both of these values come from?


DX NetOps 20.2 Spectrum


NRM_RunningFirmware is principally derived from sysDescr (OID : It is extracted from sysDescr as per the following KB:

KB : Spectrum NRM_RunningFirmware attribute not populating for some device models.

Rtr_Cisco models have a default value for CertificationLatestFirmwareVer (0x12dd9) as 12.4 (IOS):

So the reason for the discrepancy between the NRM_RunningFirmware and CertificationLatestFirmwareVer attributes is that NRM_RunningFirmware comes from the device, while CertificationLatestFirmwareVer is part of the certification of the Rtr_Cisco device type in Spectrum itself and represents the latest firmware release that Broadcom certified the device.