Packet Analyzer Collection enabled is now showing increase in CPU used by the TCP Stacks


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Enabled Packet Analyzer in the NetMaster SSI Started task, and can see that most processing in that region is being directed to the Ziip. 

CPU monitoring has shown now have an increase in CPU used by the TCP stacks.  One stack in particular, is using double the amount of CPU now. 

Is extra CPU in the TCP stacks expected when Packet Analyzer Collection is enabled in the NetMaster SSI region. 




Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


There is a tuning parameter that may have some effect on the CPU.

Parameter PATRNMIBUFSZ sets the Trace NMI buffer size.

The default is 64M. It can go as high as 512M depending on the availability of 64 bit storage in the system.

It can be dynamically adjusted using the PACTL command.

Both are documented in the Packet Analyzer and SOLVE SSI section of the Shared Content library.

It would be worthwhile to adjust the trace to 128M to start and see if that reduces CPU. 


If you have SYSVIEW as a performance monitoring product you can use the TASKMON command to collect some performance data.

For instance



This will produce a report of the task activity.