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How to disable XSNEX exit


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Since CICS TS 2.1, CICS works so that a user ID who signed up to CICS by EXEC CICS SIGNON will be effective by next task. In TSS environment, the ID is immediately effective when it signs on to CICS.

It may require to install XSNEX exit to make ID effective on EXEC CICS SIGNON, however, the exit is not installed so Top Secret may do something to process EXEC CICS SIGNON.

What does TSS process to make a user ID be effective immediately with EXEC CICS SIGNON ?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The XSNEX exit is automatically installed by ENFCICS during initialization.
ENF/CICS does not depend the client having to install the IBM exit to ensure previous behavior, it forces this it by default.
IBM provided the XSNEX because CICS TS 2.1 introduced inconsistencies in the design of SIGNON.

The exit can not be disabled because to do so would break the functionality of SIGNON.

Since CICS TS 2.1,ENFCIC functionality has not changed, the exit can not be disabled. 

XSNEX is the only exit that ENF will process on its own (not requested by or passed to TSS).