TIRM032E and TIRM033E values not correct for TIRM036E (Fatal view overflow)


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Encountered two instances of TIRM036E view overflow where the object id in the TIRM032E message did not exist in the model or in the entire encyclopedia (CSE).
While the name in the TIRM033E message does exist it is not an action block and in both cases was an Event Action Name (EVNTHDLR object type 398).
These problems make it more difficult to locate the actual action block which has the code causing the view overflow.

Example of full error message stack:
TIRM030E: Application failed - Updates have been backed out
TIRM031E: Failing procedure exit data follows:
TIRM032E: Last or current action block id    = 0365203011
TIRM033E: Last or current action block name  = EVENT_ACTION_NAME
TIRM034E: Last or current database statement = 0
TIRM035E: Current statement being processed  = 0000001671
TIRM036E: *** Fatal view overflow was encountered ***
TIRM046E: *** Processing terminated ***
TIRM044E: *** Press OK to continue ***


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Blockmode


The 2 error message problems are: 
1. The object id in runtime message TIRM032E ("Last or current action block id") was not correct i.e. it did not exist in the model nor in the entire encyclopedia (CSE).
2. The value in TIRM033E ("Last or current action block name") was not the "current action block name" but was instead the name of the Event Action (EVNTHDLR object type 398) within the action block where the problem occurred.
Gen Engineering has created a simple model that shows the reported problem and will attempt to fix both problems at a future date.
They have opened a backlog defect covering problem #2 and will change the TIRM033E error message to include both the true action block name along with the event name. 
Correcting the object id in the error message TIRM032E may not be possible but it will still be researched as part of the defect.