ZDU "target" version regular WPs show grayed out in Administration


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CA Automic One Automation


When using the zero downtime upgrade (ZDU) and bringing up the "target" (go to version) WP or AE processes in step 2, the WPs connect correctly and are running, but they show as greyed out in the AWI.  

The good news is that if you run a SYS_SERVER_ALIVE function, it does show the WP as running, so this is simply an aesthetic issue.  Finishing the ZDU will show the WP as active. 

Step to reproduct:

1) Have a 12.2 ("base" or "from version") system
2) Start ZDU Process
3) Load initialdata
4) Upgrade or install 12.3 AE components 
5) Start 12.3 AE components - hit next on ZDU
6) In AWI, look at Administration perspective

Expected behavior:
All WPs that are running should show an active icon in the Administration perspective

Actual behavior:
JWPs, CPs, and JCPs on Target version show with icon showing running
All regular WPs on Target version show greyed out in Administration perspective (see red circled info below) even though the service manager shows them running, SYS_SERVER_ALIVE shows them running, and WP logs show them running



This is a bug in the AWI


Release : 12.3



This behavior will be fixed in a future release - it's slated to be fixed in 12.2.10, release date tbd.

Workaround: You can see that the WPs are connected and running by looking for the version information in the Administration perspective (see the blue box in the image below).