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SYSVIEW: MSECU005E+APIUSER not authorized for CPU command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Using the SYSVIEW console service and verifying that everything is set up correctly in GSSA procedure. 

However, it appears to work via cross-system in most cases except for one.  

APIUSER is not the ID but appears to be something internal to SYSVIEW. 

Is the above message related to the external security system? 


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



SYSVIEW documentation shows:

USERS, without PTF on:
Shows SCM api session running as userid GSSA, and DIS api session running as userid APIUSER.

USERS, with PTF on:
Shows both SCM and DIS api sessions running as userid GSSA.
The different behavior is due to changes made by 15.0 PTF SO08195

Prior to PTF, SYSVIEW used the built-in REXX userid routine to return a userid when the REXX api was invoked. 
If it didn't return one, the default is APIUSER. However, this routine had problems with 8 character userids, and also wasn't returning proper userid when running under batch.

So the APIUSER is used because the GSS runparm SECURITY SAF statement is commented out.

So without the PTF on, add the statement SECURITY SAF in GSS , recycle GSSA, run a DIS command, then check USERS display.  

Removing the asterisk from the SECURITY parm in the RUNPARM member resolves this problem.