OC Metric Viewer doesn't show any metrics for some machines
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OC Metric Viewer doesn't show any metrics for some machines


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When I try to create a new metric view in the Operator Console, no metrics are shown for some machines.  In the device overview, the "golden metrics" show up fine, but the metric viewer list is empty.


Release : 20.3

Component :


Several defects


This is now resolved in these hot fixes

OC 20.3.3 Monthly Cumulative Patches  
Patch Name Component Details Date
Operator Console 20.3.3 October 2021 Patch ump_operatorconsole-2.10-HF8, wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF6.zip, mcsuiapp_portlet-1.3.9-HF6.zip 10/12/2021
Operator Console 20.3.3 September 2021 Patch ump_operatorconsole-2.10-HF7, wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF5, ump_dashboard-20.3.3-HF4, ump_slm_20.3.3-HF4, uimapi-20.3.3-HF1, mcsuiapp_portlet-1.3.9-HF5, policy_management-ws-0.2.7-HF2 09/09/2021
Operator Console 20.3.3 July 2021 Patch ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-HF5, wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF4, ump_dashboard-20.3.3-HF3, ump_slm-20.3.3-HF3, uim_reportscheduler-20.3.3-HF3 07/29/2021
Operator Console 20.3.3 June 2021 Patch policy-management-ws-0.2.7-HF1, uim_reportscheduler-20.3.3-HF2, ump_accountadmin-20.3.3-HF2, ump_dashboard-20.3.3-HF1, ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-HF3, ump_slm-20.3.3-HF2, wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF2, wasp_service_wrapper-20.3.3-HF1 06/03/2021
Operator Console 20.3.3 April 2021 Patch mcsuiapp-portlet-1.3.9-HF1, uim_reportscheduler-20.3.3-HF1, ump_cabi-4.2.4_HF1, ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-HF2, ump_slm-20.3.3-HF1, wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF1 04/22/2021


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