Logs show blank page on Symantec Encryption Management Server
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Logs show blank page on Symantec Encryption Management Server


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When going to Reporting, Logs, the browser displays a blank page.  When this happens, the logs cannot be viewed:

What was observed is the URL was not populating properly so the logging was blank such as the screenshot above.   All the other tabs are opening just fine and no issues seen with the actual logging itself, only the displaying of the logs. 



This issue was resolved by updating the web browser.


Alternatively, if updating the browser is not possible, try to manually go to the URL.  First, you must obtain the CSRF code from one of the working tabs (any tab should do).

For example, go to the Consumers tab so the following URL is provided:



Notice the CSRF token in this example is "DVDL-7FEB-WC42-OGI6-S8PO-WVJP-9H6Y-P9XY"

Next, look at the sample below.  If your server URL is keys.domain.dom, and the above CSRF token is displayed, then use the following URL to manually go to the page:


Here's another form of the URL for login (this format happens when you click the "Search" button on the log page):


The above URLs should display.  


If you run into this issue, please log a support ticket with the Symantec Encryption team so we can gather more information on this report.

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