ODBC remote CV node access


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Can you setup an ODBC datasource that will use a remote node?
For example, in my ODBC datasource definition, the Server specified would point to SYST1900 (which is our 19.0 Prod ‘A’ CV), but the dictname specified would not be in the dbname table of the SYST1900 CV, but would be a dbname in the Resource Name Table pointing to node SYST1901 (our 19.0 Prod ‘B’ CV). On that Prod ‘B’ CV would be the dbname specified (in this case TSTDICT).
I tried this and received:
DBname TSTSDICT is an unknown DBNAME or SEGMENT. Which is true on the frontend CV.


Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS Server


It would be much more efficient to connect directly to the target systems individually and define unique data sources for each.

To do this, you need only define a listener PTERM on each of the target CVs. We recommend this approach as this will be the most efficient way to operate.