Setting up My Catalog widget for users


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Trying to set up the "My Catalog" widget, but the folders that the user group is assigned to are not showing up.

The only way to get the folders to show up is to give them * * access for everything, but this is not feasible as this provides access to objects and actions they should not have.



The folder structure must be created manually under the User Catalog / Group. Folders cannot be dragged to the group. 


Release : 12.3


AWI / Dashboards / My Catalog


In order to correctly populate "My Catalog for your users, you need to create a folder directly under >User Catalog > 'Group Name' 

NOTE: In order to see "User Catalog" your client admin user must have the privilege "Manage Favorites on UserGroup Level" selected

Next, select the objects that you want to show in that folder. On the object, right-click, Add to User Catalog

Once you click on Add to User Catalog, select the User Group and then the folder name that you created and click OK.
In order to select the user group and folder name, on the line where it has "Folder", next to the home icon is a right-facing carrot, click on that arrow or carrot and it will provide you a drop-down for the user group. The same with the folder name.


At this point, those objects will show in the My Catalog widget for the user.