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NEWPCAUSE value not populated in Spectrum AlarmNotifier output


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CA Spectrum


Customer has added the following to the Spectrum AlarmNotifier SetScript to populate the NEWPCAUSE variable with the Alarm Title from the Probable Cause:

NEWPCAUSE=`echo "$PCAUSE" | /bin/head -1`

Then displays the value in the NOTIFIER.OUT file with the following:

echo "NewPCause:       " $NEWPCAUSE

For most alarms this is populated as expected.

However, for alarms created using the Command Line Interface (CLI) "create alarms" command, the NEWPCAUSE variable is not populated.


This issue is currently being investigated by the Spectrum team as to the root cause and the resolution.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Applications


As a workaround, use the CLI "create event" command instead of the "create alarm" command. Reference the "create event" section of the documentation for more information on using the CLI "create event" command.