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Issue with NSK 12.3 agent installation the version shows as 11.0.1


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


I tried to install the latest version(12.3) of Automic agent on NSK system. Installation completed successfully,  But when I tried to start the service  the agent connects and the disconnect immediately.

20210808/125509 U02000000 Started program Agent 'XXXXXX', version '11.0.1+build.14', changelist ''.

20210808/125510.248 - U00003406 Client connection '376(25)'  from 'X.X.X.X:3570' has logged on to the Server.
20210808/125511.842 - U00003407 Client connection '376(24)' from 'X.X.X.X:3570' has logged off from the Server.



Release : 12.3



The agent version in the automation engine image 12.3.4 is 11.0.1+build.14'. This is the latest agent build.

The issue could be due to the following reason that  the agent needs to get the IP and not the hostname of the AE

Edit the ucsrv.ini on the Automation Engine

Add the hostname parameter to the INI file of the Automation Engine core and set it to the ip

Structure of the INI File ucsrv.ini

 restart the CP
 start the NSK agent

After updating the change the  agent started working with V12 Automation Engine