URL_response probe alerts in maintenance mode


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DX Infrastructure Management


We observed that in downtime, when servers were under maintenance mode from Operator Console, still we received alerts from URL response probe for all servers on which urls are being monitored. 

As well as we have created schedules for weekly maintenance, for that MM window also we received alerts for URL's.




Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - URL_RESPONSE


Follow the below step:-

Set Device ID Key Using Raw Configure 

To generate stable QoS graph of metrics and to migrate the probe to standard static thresholds using the threshold_migrator probe, the device ID key (useHostNameForDeviceIdentification) must be based on the hostname and not on the IP address. To do so, change the default value of the device ID key to Yes.

Follow these steps:

    ==Navigate to the Raw Configuration interface > setup section.
    ==Set the useHostNameForDeviceIdentification key to Yes (Default: No) to generate the Device ID based on hostname.
    ==Save the configuration and exit.
    ==Restart the probe.